Review: Sloane Fine Tea Merchants

One of the more popular tea companies used by 5-star hotels around the world is Sloane Fine Tea Merchants (Sloane teas). Based out of Toronto, Sloane teas has quickly become the go-to for tea fans across the globe.


Some of our personal favs from left to right: Earl Grey Classic, Heavenly Cream and Jasmine Mist


Hoda Paripoush, is the creator/owner of Sloane teas and also happens to be the first person in North America to receive accreditation from both US and Canadian tea sommelier associations. To say that she is passionate about the art of tea would be an understatement. In her own personal philosophy, the integrity of the tea leaf and its origins are incredibly important. For these reasons, Sloane teas hand blends all-natural ingredients by certified tea sommeliers to ensure that the beauty and aroma of the teas are not masked. Further, they also prefer to work directly with farmers to ensure that the source of the teas that are used in their products can be traced to a single source.


Hoda Paripoush, the founder of Sloane Teas

Hoda Paripoush, the founder of Sloane Teas (Source: Sloane Teas)


Intrigued and looking to try out some Sloane teas? Well, they're currently featured on the afternoon tea menus at The Park Hyatt Hotel, Kitten and the Bear and The St. Regis Hotel, and many other boutiques and cafés if you're in Toronto for example. can pick up your own from their vast selection of teas online here.


Happy brewing!




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